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The favourable pole or electrode of an electrolytic cell; anodes are connected to metal pipelines to circumvent corrosion.

Proposed variations to the utility's functions which were jointly determined because of the utility and Staff as A part of a participative audit.

The device of electromotive drive, analogous to drinking water stress in pounds per square inch. A person volt, if placed on a circuit aquiring a resistance of 1 ohm, will produce a current of 1 ampere.

Geographic sections of a utility or pipeline provider place by which different rate ranges exist as a result of Price-of-services variances, for instance the space from provide resource on very long pipelines or the heat information on the products.

Gas sold to the electric or steam departments in a mixture utility to be used as gas in steam or electric powered generation.

A doc well prepared by an Administrative Regulation Decide reviewing, analyzing and recommending towards the Fee resolution of every of the pop over to these guys problems within a proceeding.

Printed on yellow paper, "Yellow sheets" accompany proposed Fee session objects. They have a thumbnail description of the subject matter of the corresponding item.

A rarely-utilized treatment by which all of the Fee users hear presentations intended to emphasize, explain or expand on unresolved problems in a very continuing.

The electrical unit of electrical power or fee of performing get the job done: a person ampere flowing beneath a tension of 1 volt. It truly is analogous to horsepower of mechanical energy; about have a peek here 746 watts equals one particular horsepower.

Sexual activity. Sexually Lively women are inclined to get much more UTIs than do women who are not sexually Lively. Possessing a new why not try these out sexual associate also raises your possibility.

A package of twenty low cost, no cost educational and service plans developed from the Division like weblink a framework for utilities to supply to aged and Unique requirements shoppers.

A reactor style (used at Nine Mile II) through which my company h2o surrounding the nuclear fuel is heated to create steam that flows inside of a direct loop connected to the turbine- generator.

Involved and dissolved gasoline created coupled with crude oil from oil wells. At times named oil nicely gasoline or Alternative gas.

Needs utilities to get electricity from qualifying cogeneration, small hydro or squander-fueled services, underneath contracts priced as the utilities prevented Price tag; i.

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